About Us


We are a Kennel located in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, D.C.  We are located on 3 acres of land, so our dogs get plenty of indoor and outdoor time daily.

We owned Rottweilers for twenty plus years before discovering the Boerboel. Once we discovered Boerboels we were hooked.  After years of research we acquired our first Boerboel in 2008. We found this breed to be so impressive that we decided to become more involved. We continue to show the breed a few times a year.

If you are a Rottweiler lover, you will be amazed by the Boerboel.  They are a large, powerful breed with an  impressive muscular physique and amazing temperament.  They are extremely smart, easy to train, very loyal to their owners,  and very dependable.  They have a natural protection instinct without being overly aggressive.  They are very tolerant dogs until a loved one is harmed, then and only then is their ferocity unleashed.

Our confirmation preference is a Boerboel with a large size, large head, and well muscled physique without losing athleticism or agility.  Our dogs should be fit enough to go on a mile run and athletic enough to jump into the back of  pickup truck.  We also want to stress the importance of a great temperament and good health in all of our dogs.  We believe in quality over quantity.