Mid Atlantic Sahsa

DOB: 10/20/2015   

Height: 27"


NABBA: 85% @18 months

DNA profiled



Picture pedigree


Parents: Mid Atlantic Tao 90.9% x Afrika Melina 87.4%


Mid Atlantic Sasha is another one of Tao's impressive offspring. She is still young but is already one of the tallest females we have. She has a great head, front end, muscularity, and will be a big girl. She is a very sweet girl just like her mother Melina while still maintaing a serious side. We hope that she will fill her mother's shoes here at Mid Atlantic. Her pedigree includes Groenberg Jaap 94%, Mid Atlantic Zena 93.2%, KS Benji 91.4%, Middelpos Tessa II 90.3% (mother to our Groenberg Jaap and grandmother to Middelpos Alpha 97.9%).


2 months old


4 months old


16 months old