Afrika Melina


DOB: 12/25/2010    

Height (Shoulders/Withers): 26 inches       

Weight: 120 lbs

SABT:  87.4% @ 17 months                       

Penn Hip: .58/.61

OFA Elbows: Clear (prelim)         

Entropion free, Ectropion free, Hip Dysplasia Free, Elbow Dysplasia Free     

DNA profiled             


Parents: Altyd Rocky 87.4% (stud register) x Afrika Mitzie 85.4%

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Melina is a very affectionate and loving girl. She is not dog or human aggressive and is a favorite of all who meet her. This is the one female that everyone remembers because of her best trait which is her temperament. She is very well put together and is very athletic. She has an excellent head, great angulation, and is very correct. She is a feminine female and is a perfect compliment to our males. She will provide some genetic diversity to our kennel. Her first litter has arrived and she has proved to be the outstanding mother that we hoped for. We are looking forward to seeing this litter develop.


10 weeks old


17 months


3 years old


Parents: Altyd Rocky 87.4% (stud register) x Afrika Mitzie 85.4%