Piet Zyn Drift Jessie IIII

DOB: 05/21/2008                         

Height (Shoulders/Withers):    27 in

Weight: 150 lbs

SABT:   85.8% @ 12 months               

Penn Hip: L .44        R .30 (80th Percentile)


Entropion free, Ectropion free, Hip Dysplasia Free

Parents: Rantenberg Sylvester 89.2% X Piet Zyn Drift Mika I 89%



Jessie is a big, strong, and imposing female. She is a very confident and medium energy female. She is very alert and still friendly. Her strong points are her head, neck, shoulders, deep/wide chest, tight hips, and size. Her negative points are her elbows. She is an amazing looking female that is a favorite to visitors. Her father is Rantenberg Sylvester 89.2% who was ranked 20th in the world in 2007. He came in 2nd at National Championships in 2007. He was an extremely well muscled male and Jessie obtained many of his qualities. Jessie's mother was Piet Zyn Drift Mika I 89%. She placed 3rd at the Free State show in 2008. Jessie passed away suddenly in December 2010. She will be missed.



1st Place 2009 Gauteng Show 15-18 months

Junior Champion 2009 Gauteng Show

2nd Place 2009 National Championships 15-18 months

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