Giant Bella I

DOB: 08/01/2009                           

Height (Shoulders/Withers): 26.5 in       

Weight: 135

SABT:  86.7%  @ 22 months old                       

Penn Hip: N/A             


Parents: Rantenberg Sylvester 89.2% x Piet-Zyn-Drift Sancia 89.3%

SABT Registration

Bella is a beutiful fawn female with a nice head, neck, shoulders, chest, straight front legs, good angulation, and has no glaring faults. She is a big female that still maintains her correctness and agility. She is confident and can be dominant. She has natural protection instincts. Bella's littermate Sylvia is already ranked in the top 20 in the world with a 90.4%. Bella's pedigree includes some amazing producers: Rantenberg Sylvester 89.2%, Nostras Zulu 92.6%, Nostras Rocky 91%, Piet-Zyn-Drift Habana 91.4%, Piet-Zyn-Drift Mystique 90.1%, and Gretchen Bento 88.2%.

Bella has already produced Jake that will enter our breeding program some day.



Rantenberg Sylvester (Bella's father)



Giant Bella x Groenberg Jaap litter born 12/16/2011

Pictured @ 10-12 months old (Venus, Jake, Ziva, Jabari, Blu)



Giant Bella x Spitsvuur Darkness litter born 11/27/2012

Pictured @ 7-8 weeks old



Some of the litter pictured @ 5-6 months old

(Jackson, Adamma, Night, Raji)